If your story is about moving from country to country, or about other life transitions like work, relationship or life stage, then I know, it's a quite tough time for you. I have been there.

I 'm from the Czech Republic. When I came to Western Europe, I was 18. The first destination was Switzerland. I did not even try to fit there. I felt I was in some movie and was watching myself. It felt so unreal.

The next destination was Germany. I wanted to belong, to be like the Germans. But, in those days, when a Eastern girl came to Western Europe, people believed she was either trying to catch a man or she was a "escort girl". I felt so bad about this prejudice, and I could hardly stand my origin.

Later I found out that to belong doesn't necessarily mean to be like the local people. You will never be. And it's ok. Find your group, your tribe and spend your best time with them. Locals or expats. 


I spent some time of my life abroad. Studied in Germany, I worked in the UK, Switzerland, Slovakia and I married a Hungarian. We have been living in 6 countries, and we have moved eight times so far. Now we live in Belgium, where we certainly won't stay for good. Transition and change belong to my life since I was a teenager. 

I can understand you can sometimes feel out of place, not fitting in, losing your identity or not knowing how to get your life back under control. I can help you to find out a new flexible system to support you, to figure out a new routine to stick to and to be again productive and able to connect to others.